The technology of voice over internet protocol change the dynamics of the world in all aspects of the life that support as well as fast the activities of the world with the help of VoIP. VoIP helps the connectivity from one place to other within seconds and the secure only allow relative persons to share the documents and multimedia files. There are three terms used for the VoIP such as Internet telephony, broadband telephony and broadband phone service, in these terms the different types of communication occurs according to the need, which includes voice messages, document sharing, fax and multimedia video calls etc. [1]

How VoIP works:[2]

The system of VoIP totally depend on the internet as a medium for transporting the message between two or more persons, the message travel in digital signal and reach at the other end within a second and change into normal telephonic signal before reaching at destination. As it operates through the internet so you can use wireless and hot spots of various public locations like airports, parks, cafes and bus stands. The process of VoIP involves internet compulsory, computer system connected with telephone, cable modem. There are total four steps to follow to complete the VoIP working mechanism which are:

  • Personal phone and computer should be connect with the local area network
  • When you want to contact the relative person and dial the person contact number the VoIP software provider pick up the IP from your phone and make a connection with the concern person.
  • By the help of IP the VoIP manage calls and data usage details.
  • The VoIP then converts the digital signal into the voice messages.

Advantages and disadvantages of VoIP:

As mentioned above the requirements and qualities of VoIP tells the story of the success and the advantages the VoIP have that ensure the better quality with the average telephone system with an additional fee if you don’t have the broadband connection.

  • Lower cost: people come to know that the VoIP is the cheapest service then other about 60 percent after using the service.
  • High quality sound: it increase the quality of sound and deliver the sound without any distortion as other service providers did during the calls and results in sudden drop call.
  • Advance features: it is very useful in daily operations with fastest speed as the IT technology encourages the daily business activities and provides the luxury of recording the calls, automatic answering option, call queries and many more technical features of modern day need.
  • Call anyone throughout the world: it is not costly in terms of service providence just only $0.04 per minute which is impressive.


The major issues while using the VoIP system includes:

  • It does not have any backup power ability and it does not operate during the breakage power from the service provider or internet
  • Most of the VoIP does not support the emergency communication through 9-1-1.
  • It does not give the immediate assistance to directory.

VoIP cost and price you have to bear to avail the services:

The cost of VoIP is that you spend over fulfilling the requirement of modem and other devices while price that you give or pay for the usage services to the providers on monthly or annual basis on our own choice. On an average approximately $35 dollar per month is the charge you will pay in order to receive the services, it is far better service and less costly then the PBX on premises.

The different package cost for the VoIP standardize are as follows:

  • Initial charges $0 to $50 per line requirement
  • Monthly price of about $19-45 per line according to the size and services you avail.
  • Device cost up to $80 to $600 per IP purchases and this cost you only pay once.
  • International calling per minute basis cost about 0.01 dollar
  • The amount of tax and the fees of VoIP different for different region of the world.

Best VoIP providers of 2021[3]:

Around the Globe there are so many software invent to support the function of voice of internet protocol with better speeds and quality servicing. The best 13 among all according to the customer choices and experience are mentioned below:

RINGCENTRAL: the overall rating of this company almost full star 5/5 with diverse featuring at low cost, this is more preferable for the business firms, there are four categories package, Essential include message and phone in just $19.99, Standard include Message, video and phone at cost of 27.99 dollars on monthly or usage dependent. Premium offer for $34.99 with additional open API services while Ultimate for $49.99.

OOMA: the rating it get about 4 stars out of 5 it is specialize in North America unlimited call packages and ring groups facilitations. Their services are best for the home-use.

NEXTIVA: with overall rating of 4.5 stars and budget friendly small business VoIP plans along with the multi locale scalability make this a very special provider. NEXTIVA packages starts from basic $18.95 dollars to enterprise level package that cost you $32.95 per month with unlimited calls and 24/7 customer assistance.

Grasshopper: this provider is best for the mobile businesses ideas with the support of 4 stars rating in the market with compatible and user-friendly mobile functioning. The grasshopper gives you free trial service option and other features includes basic phone number, business contacts information, unified messaging, timeline view, email integration, mobile app facility, hold in-coming calls and many more.

8×8: VoIP provider with best rates and rating of about 4 stars  and the basic package in just $12 per month.

VONAGE:  the packages of this providers are awesome for the small enterprises for the mobile initiate from $14.99, $18.99 and advance package $24.99 per month with inclusion of services taxes if you go with the advance package it will provides the recording call on demand for about 15-hour/month also group calling and orange-glove setup and in the premium package CRM integration and voice conferencing of about 100 people reflects huge and impressive stuff by the Vonage VoIP providers.

Verizon: Another stunning service in the field of business VoIP providers with two valuable package starts from $35 up to 1-5 lines and business digital up to 6 lines according to the need of the firms using Verizon VoIP.


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