What are laptop computers?

Manufacturers called laptop computers as notebook computers. It is a device with battery or AC powered computers used for personal mean, it is usually smaller than briefcase and can easily be transported and easily carried when needed at places like airplanes, offices, libraries or at meetings. Laptops usually have thickness of less than three inches and weighs less than five pounds. Best manufacturers of laptops are IBM, Dell, Apple, Toshiba and Compaq. Laptops are difficult to design and manufacture as compare to desktop computers, so generally they are more expensive than desktop computers. With the help of docking station and a hardware frame a laptop can be successfully turned into the desktop computer. Port replicator that is less capable helps you to connect a laptop computer to several peripherals with only single plug. Thin screen technology is used in making of display of the laptop computers.

As compared to STN and dual scan screen, a thin film and active matrix of screen is more brighten and show the great display at different angles. Several different approaches are used by laptops for the integration of mouse into a keyboard with the inclusion of touchpad, pointing stick and trackball. Regular mouse can be attached with the help of serial port. Modem or NETWORK INTERFACE CARD can be added to the laptop with the insertable PC card. Built-in drives or attachable drives like CD ROM and versatile digital disc drive are also present in the laptop computers. 1

How laptop computer is different from desktop computers?

There are many important differences between laptop computer and desktop computer as laptop computers are designed for Portability. Laptop is designed with built in monitor, keypad, touchpad that replaces mouse and speakers. This means when no peripherals are connected laptop is fully functional. Laptop is quicker to start and setup as compared to desktop computer there are only fewer cables to be connected. Laptop allows you to connect with separate mouse, monitor and other peripherals and this can change laptop computer into desktop computer with one difference that is you can easily disconnect all these peripherals and carry laptop with you where you want to go. Some main differences are:

Touchpad: it is also called track-pod basically it is a sensitive touch pad that allows you to control the pointer by making a motion of drawing with your finger.

Battery: battery is attached to every laptop that can be easily charged and you can use laptop with the help pf battery without plugged in. When you plug the laptop the battery got recharged. Another advantage is battery provides power backup when the power is off.

AC adapter: a special power cable is attached to laptop called AC adapter that is designed to use with the specific type of laptop.

Ports: laptop also has ports like desktop computer to attach USB but they are fewer than desktop in order to save space. Laptop has some different ports that can be used by attaching adapter.

Price: though internal components are same but laptops are generally more expensive than desktop computers. Laptops with less powerful machines are tends to cost less than desktop computers.

Common uses of Laptop computers:

The main important feature if laptop computer is its compact size. It places keyboard, monitor, mouse and other internal components into portable case that is easy to carry. Popular feature of laptop is it can be used anywhere without power plug. The rechargeable feature of battery allows it to use even when it is disconnected from AC source. Laptops were always preferred by business people so they can have access when they are away from office. Use of laptop was limited because of its price than desktop computers. But now laptop has low prices with greater capabilities that laptop is real alternative to desktop computers. Some common uses of laptop computers are:

  • Notes taking in school and research papers
  • You can present information in business meetings
  • Data can be accessed from home and office
  • You can play games and watch movies during travelling
  • Internet can be accessed in public places
  • You can send and receive emails in the public places.

Top rated laptop computers and their prices:

Here are top rated laptop computers with prices 2021 are: 2

MacBook Air ( late 2020):

It is the best laptop you can buy. It has 8 GB RAM and and storage of 256 GB. It comes with the pice of $999

  • It is competent and reliable device.
  • It enables MacBook to use iPhone and iPad apps on MacOS.
  • It has excellence performance
  • It new processor is very fast

HP Envy x360 (2020)

It is the beat budgeted laptop you can buy without spending $1,000. You can buy in the price of $650.

  • It feels and look like premium
  • Chic convertible design
  • Excellence performance
  • The touch screen is bright and looks great
  • This laptop has added new row of convenient hotkeys to its keyboard
  • It did an amazing job with a fairly heavy load of multitasking.
  • It has good gaming performances

MacBook Pro 13 (late 2020)

It is best for everyday uses. It comes with the price of $1,499.

  • It is more powerful than MacBook Air.
  • It has additional features in the touch bar.
  • It can sustain heavy work load for longer period of time.

Dell XPS 13 2 in 1

It is a convertible laptop with the price of $1,078.

  • It has great integrated graphics
  • It includes the core of i3-1154G4
  • It has 8GB RAM and SSD of 256GB
  • Keyboard is flat
  • 2 in 1 excel on the elements like build quality, display, performances and battery life.

Dell XPS 12 (late 2020)

It is the best windows clamshell anyone can buy. It comes with the price of $980.

  • It is the ultimate execution on the traditional thin and light clamshell laptop design
  • It is sleek and compact
  • It has keyboard and trackpad with excellence performance.
  • It comes with the Tiger lake processors.
  • It is cheaper than 2 in 1 Dell XPS 13.


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