What is desktop computer?

Computer that can be fitted on or under the desk is called desktop computer. Peripheral devices are used such as keyboard, mouse and monitor. Desktop computers can be horizontal or vertical and sometime it is combined with the monitor to form all in computers. Desktop are not portable like laptops they are usually made to stay at one place only. Unlike laptop computers, desktop computers don’t have battery they need to be always plugged in for use. In past years, desktop computers were the only computer that was used for personal use. Laptops and tablet were not available that time and desktop computers were only used. But now laptop has cover the need of desktop computers but still desktop computers are widely used for business workstations and for family use.

Where to place the desktop computer?

Many users place their computer on the floor or under the desk. Here are some pros and cons of placing computer at different places.

Advantages of placing computer on the floor:

  • It place the computer desk clean and more space is available
  • Usually floor are cool, so it keeps the computer cooler

Disadvantages of placing computer on the floor:

  • It is difficult to connect to the devices and cables and inserting disc into the computer
  • It can be easily kicked and access to the children is easier.
  • Cables are not long enough for computer to place anywhere on the floor.
  • Dust and hair present on the floor can get into the floor.

Advantages of placing computer on the desk

  • Cables and drives are easier to connect and inserting disc into the computer is easier
  • Access to the small children is harder
  • It allows you to show off the computer

Disadvantages of placing computer on the desk

  • Noise is produced by the fans of computer. It will interrupt the recording on the microphone and make it difficult to hear any sound from the computer speakers.

Advantages of placing the computer in the drawer or cabinet:

  • It keeps the floor and desk clean
  • Low quantity of dust, hair and dirt gets into the computer

Disadvantages of placing computer in the drawer or cabinet

  • It can cause excessive heat and airflow is not proper
  • It is more difficult to connect cables and drives and inserting disc into the computer. 1

Advantages of desktop computer over a laptop computer

  • More power and more features are present in desktop computer than laptop computer
  • Upgrade is easier and less expensive in the desktop computer
  • Overall desktop computers are less expensive and they provide a overall better value than laptop computers
  • Mouse is easier to use and keyboard is more comfortable in desktop computers. But now comfortable mouse and keyboard can also be attached to the laptop computer.
  • Monitors of desktop computers are larger
  • Repair of desktop computers are easier and less expensive than laptop computers.
  • Risk of theft is very less in case of desktop computer that means your data can remain safer in the desktop computers and you don’t have to pay for the replacement of new computer.

Disadvantages of desktop computer over a laptop computer

  • Desktop computer have large footprints
  • It need a keyboard, monitor and mouse for desktop computer
  • Desktop computers are big and heavy
  • It need more space to place the desktop computer
  • It can be noisy
  • Desktop computers requires separate monitor
  • It always need a power plug to use as there is no option of battery is available
  • It is not portable as laptop so you can’t carry desktop computer anywhere you want.
  • You don’t have access to your data anywhere you want.

Uses of Desktop computer:

There are many uses of desktop computer but some main uses are:

Graphic design:

It is used for graphic designing by industries. Using photoshop and quark softwares graphic designers spend most of their time in front of desktop computers.


Access of internet is mostly done by desktop computers


Video games and online games are played by children and gamers on desktop computers

Business and finance

Job related tasks are usually done at office by workers using desktop computers.

Top rated branded desktop computers with prices 2021

Here are top rated desktop computers:

  1. Apple iMac with retina 5k display

It is overall the best desktop computer with great features of display, easier to use, simplicity and design. It has excellent operating system. It is best for editing videos and photos and more popular for students and professionals with such demanding features. It has a drawback of touchscreen and manufacturers stubbornly refuse to offer this feature in desktop computers. It comes with the price of $1,679.

  1. HP Envy Desktop.

It is the beat desktop tower. It is best for those with demand of tower form factor desktop. It is the 10th generation desktop computer with intel core i5 CPU. It has RAM of 8GB. It is good for gaming and VR. It has the rare feature of DVD burner. Price of this computer is $699.99.

  1. Acer Aspire TC- 895 tower:

It is the best budget desktop computer with great features. It is the best price range computer with great performance as other top rated desktops according to PCMag speed testing. It can handle every task from your normal office work to intensive programs of adobe cloud. It has a small foot print so you don’t need yo worry about the workspace if it is cramped. Acer aspire desktop computer is as smart as it is affordable. Price of this desktop computer is $545.00

  1. Acer Aspire C 27 All in one

It is the Best budgeted all in one desktop computer. It is the 10th generation Intel core i5 CPU with RAM of 8GB. It has a display of 1080p. It comes in the price of $849.99.

  1. HP chrome box G3.

From remote learning to use casual it is the best affordable computer. It is powered by Google OS. It is the well designed desktop computer that can easily handle web based task you demand. It is the 10th generation Intel core i5 CPU with 8GB RAMS. This desktop computer is way to fast. It is the full powered components desktop computer. It comes with the price of $569.99. 2  


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