Business phones:

Business phones technology enhanced as the business models and methods being changed in recent years in all the leading organizations that deal in with their customers and employs to get in touch with them and continuously upgrading their systems according to the customer feedback. Business phones of early times are not secure and there is lot of problems regarding sound quality and line distortion. Those are typical phones with big structure dial pad and long receivers but modern day business phones are advance in technological features and secure by end to end business encryption that only give access to the relative person through some specific extension numbers. It is no longer just a gadget that use for simple calling between two persons, now it can available for all form of communication via receiving and sending mails, voice messages and the video chats for different business dealings and meetings. Pandemic worldwide gives a major set-back to major industries and companies by lockdowns and production become zero because of heavy threat of life and employees health concerns. These phones helps a lot during this situation while giving work from home to employees and the employees and major management get in touch through these business phones and document sharing and meeting online through these phones.[1]

Types of business phones:[2]

There are four types of business phones in this new era of technology and if you want to buy a business phone you must know about these types for better decision regarding business phone system these are:

  • Virtual phone system
  • Landlines
  • VoIP
  • Cloud and on-premises systems

Virtual phone system: it helps you to communicate and get in touch through a reception number that will then connect through this line to the relative employees working in that organization, it consists of call forwarding, transfer call [i]from one to other place, it also work as the automatic answering the calls and connect them to relative person, these are toll free numbers including online faxing. This system is not secure while sharing personal information.

Landlines: this phone is like advanced phone system then old times with new design and better line facilitation that improves the quality and functioning of the call to both ends.

VoIP system: this is hybrid form of the landline service via internet connectivity that company uses for daily operations. It enable the workers to get connect business phones through their mobile phones. The negative while having this system you will have the 24/7 availability of internet without any distortion otherwise all the system will down and creates problems for the firms.

On-premises VoIP systems: It is very expensive system to have in your firm because it required a complete setup of PBX hardware to keep the functions running smoothly, and all required equipment purchasing assets, you have to pay the service fees to self-hosting mechanisms. An IT staff management is required for the maintenance and repairing the faults.

Cloud-Based VoIP Systems: This VoIP system involve in the software that completely holds the communication service, the service providers are the stalk holders and responsible for the upgrading and maintaining PBX technology. You have to pay monthly fee as per you consume the cloud VoIP system.

Top services providers of businesses phones:

Although there are lots of companies in the market that gives the high quality business phones at compatible prices among these best business phones are as follows:

  • Panasonic KX-TG7875S Bluetooth Cordless phone: you can order this phone through AMAZON store in price of $280. Panasonic is the first mover manufacturer of the business phones having modern and traditional functions, this phone has the Link2Cell technological features that connect this device with the employer smartphones and connect through them, it also has the ability to receive and show the texts on the phone. Power backup and noise reduction functions give edge to this phone over others.
  • AT&T CL2940: this phone specially designed for the large scale firms having lots of employees working in different departments, this phone at cost of 30 dollar available at retail stores also online via AMAZON, WALMART. AT&T is very special phone when come to its services to the customers it has the capacity of saving name and numbers of maximum 65 with backup memory and can show the display screen with coming caller ID and extension number etc. this model also facilitate you in automatic voice assistant along with volume settings.
  • X-blue X16 Small Business Phone system: this is four set phone system specially manufactured for the small enterprises at market price of $60 easily getable through AMAZON and , every phone set of X-blue have built in digital speakerphone that allows better quality calls with the touch screen upfront displaying the details of the caller. These phones have the capability to line up with six lines and 16 telephones throughout the firms. The phone also has the ability to auto answer the calls when the concern person not present at moment.
  • V-Tech DS67713 DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone: in order to have this phone set on your business premises you have to order it through AMAZON and you will get discount and $86 you will have to pay for it. It is wireless phone headsets allow you to do or pick the call without hand and it can be expand to five other devices. it has the availability of storing maximum of 1000 calls in log with name and number in phonebook history, this phone give the uniqueness with the feature of connectivity with outside line and allow it to two cordless devices.
  • SNOM IP 710 phone: this phone is simple in looking at available at minimum price of $40 available at AMAZON store online. Although this phone is small and not as impressive as the other but provides the maximum of features like High quality sound and loud speakers that make it clear audible device. This phone has the capacity to make up with 12 lines to maintain the office operational work with the display providing the name and extension no of the caller that helps you to recognize the particular person in order to share the proper information etc. it also enable you to decide whether to pick the call or not according to the mood and work intensity.


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