The cell phone plans for seniors is not a big deal in 2021 because there are so many ways to know the customer needs and wants that will accordingly address by the firms giving services to humanity. Senior cell phone plans is as useful as food for the human because senior citizens get peace and sound mind while connecting to their loved one and family members at that age through telecommunication. As we know mostly seniors are single or couples live alone at senior apartments or at assist living homes, for the good health and saving them from the depression senior cell phone plans introduce by different telecommunication service providers at affordable rates and good quality time calls. The other major factor that attracts the senior to avail the plans is the emerging IT software and new entertaining social media application that never bored you for long hours in a day. All these services can easily get through the internet by searching online about the best providers and their programs you like after reading their terms and conditions on each package you can also direct contact with companies representative to avail different useful plans.[1]

Top rated companies:[2]

According to the focus strategy on the seniors there are so many service providers for senior cell phones availability programs that compensate on the core values for seniors and services accordingly the best among the businesses companies are as follows:

T-Mobile: this company initiates the service and number one among all companies for the seniors above 55 with standard package offerings in affordable prices in which unlimited phone calls texts and the LTE internet data package at cost of $70 in a month connectable for two members. No problem of detail billing process the packages are without tax and extra charges just a 70 dollar generates after a month and the customer can pay online or provide the credit card detail that automatically deduct from there while notifying you with message on your phone. Along with the described package rate and detail T-Mobile provides 5GB additional data for 480p high quality video streaming locally and internationally for Canada and Mexico.

T-Mobile gives offer especially for the retire seniors of about 60 minutes extra with ordinary package and free texting in while traveling through flight and enjoy the data opening up the hotspot without any extra price. The best thing by T-Mobile is that this company reduced the 50% rates for the travelers and maximum data consuming users just at $55.

Great call: this company well-known by its special kind of smart phones Jitterbug easy to use and consumer friendly featuring at low cost and affordable package rates. The plans that Great call introduced in the market start at just cost of 14 dollar USD with availability of 250 minutes and 3 dollar for 500 texts and $2.49 for 100 MB data total of around $20 per month.

Great call is the best feature phone for the seniors because it gives the service of assistance with  large button built-in in case of emergency with just a press and it connects you with the nearest help center. This available feature pleases its customers to have great call as first priority. The care assistance also alerts 24/7 to provide the immediate health service.

Metro By T-Mobile: if you are not satisfy with the prepared services, you have a great option with Metro sponsored by T-Mobile  that provides its best consumer service in $40 per month with unlimited texts and calls along with 10GB data at speed of 4G LTE. Taxes and other charges already include in $40 per month.

It also useful in prevention against the scammer IDs detection of inbound calling at your setup with different attractive packages, Wi-Fi calling fixture and HD streaming videos and many more without extra charges on every add on service. It does not restrict you to buy their devices for the services you can allow to take the services and use it throughout with your own device by contracting the Metro package. This will reduced the cost of extra devices.

Consumer Cellular: this is the fourth best options that is attractive for the seniors in providing best valuable packages to serve the senior communities easily manage and getable by various ways like online or going to nearest service centers of seniors.

The seniors can start using consumer cellular just from price of $20 per month with available 250 minutes and 500 MB data monthly it is for single consumer but if 2 members share then the cost raised to 40 dollars doubled as the services.

The consumer cellular gives a five percent discount for their AARP old customers to make more strong relationship with them, it also gives the opportunity for the customers that travel more and left with minutes and MBs every month so they can add on their consumer package and get the back month remaining data and minutes with addition to the new service package before finishing the first period package. It’s the customer choice of having own phones or buy from the consumer cellular with big dialing buttons and user-friendly functions.

US Mobile: this company gets the fifth best rank with best options and valuable customers plan and cross the Republic service mobile in the market. A real phone with so many functions and flexibility according to the senior affordability with so many options and diversity that starts from minimum 2 dollar that gives the 75 minutes only dollar 1.5 for 50 text messages, and $2 for the 100MB internet this is the best low cost package that a company offers in the market with compatible and affordable prices.

The other high service package cost eight plus 6 and 26 collectively $40 for limitless calls, texts and internet availability. In order to satisfy their customers the US Company mobile gives the customers to use the service on free trial basis per month and if anyone wants to carry then they can avail the package by paying to company and get the confirmation message from the company. Special company SIM card is required at cost of $3.99 for activation and package upgrading at once.