The concept of minivans and the related fixtures according to the needs of the potential customers of America and rest of the world fulfilled by the car manufacturers of the United States of America. They are the first to invent the top quality and unique design models in minivans like SUVs and the crossovers. There is no doubt about that the minivans have and a lot for its customers in giving top class technological and physical factors that pleases its buyer. Minivans are specially designed for the family use and for transporting the passenger commercially in giving them tours of different picnic points with the large carrying capacity.[1]

Top models according to customer choice:[2]

According to different manufacturers and the researchers there are so many minivans in the market that giving luxury and smooth driving experience to their users but some of the top model of the market are given below:

  • Honda Odyssey 2021
  • Toyota Sienna 2021
  • Chrysler Pacifica 2021
  • Kia Sodena 2021
  • Chrysler Voyager 2021

The rankings of the vehicles will fluctuate on the basis of the market demand but above rated minivans are best in providing the satisfaction and comfort to their potential customers respectively, the detail reviews and specifications are given below.

Honda Odyssey 2021: this is top rated minivan with more than 190,000 car using customers on payment and leased according to the U.S news with best price of about $31,90MSRP and the rating of 8.7 overall in safety and clean driving it snatched the ratings of Kia sodena 2020 last year by better enhancement in the interior and outside model styles. It produces the engine power of 280 HP with 10-speed changing capability by using two wheels drive to four wheels. The mileage in city for this Honda odyssey 19 MPG while at highway it increases to 28 MPG. The one disadvantage you can say about this minivan is its second row will not remove as the third for cargo capacity to increase 158 cubic feet more than the usual space.

It gives the 5 inch display in-front of first row that provides convenient view back rows, availability of 2 USB ports, all alerting mechanism of lane departure, automatic braking model in emergency, forward hitting warning with a rearview cameras that gives the support in car while theft case in capturing the culprits.

Toyota Sienna 2021: the second at best rating of 8.3 fully restructuring mode with four generation vehicle. This vehicle at cost of 34 dollars MSRP, efficient fuel usage, 2.5 liter of gas cylinder in four quantity, generating power of 245 horsepower with automatic shifting with speed, it also has the availability of 2 electric motors. The best average of fuel results in 36 MPG in city as well as at highway, this is best against the Minivan market that gives the Toyota Sienna a great customer feedback.

The technological factors having 9-inch display touch screen apple music play, amazon Alexa, Bluetooth and stereo radio system. Automatic high intensive beam in headlights, emergency brakes, system alerts like traffic, forward collision and rearview camera that gives the luxury having this minivan.

Chrysler Pacifica 2021: third best minivan giving all the required characteristics that consumers want. Chrysler Pacifica 2021 is modify model of 2020 with improve features there is change in the ratings as well and upgrade to 8.2 instead of 8 in overall categories feedback such as safety, mileage and performance. It available at price of $35 thousands with extra ordinary facilities like excellent luggage carrying availability at back-end about 87.5 cubic feet with extra space between second row about 140 cubic feet space. This stylish minivan with high power of 287 linked with V6 2.6 cylinders that can tow 262 pound per feet torque.

Other useful and supportive qualities of Chrysler Pacifica includes large screen of 10.1 inch with touchpad, six speaker music with stereo sound android and apple car-play, Bluetooth and internet hotspot availability.

Kia Sodena 2021: This vehicle in 2020 remain ranked one but due to other vehicles progress it goes down in customer preference but still at number 4 with weightage of 8 rating, this will give you very compact but all the features that are, smooth long riding, superior engine, compatible cargo space, and nice controlling mechanisms and usage support. The horsepower produce total of 276 with torque of 248 pound/feet. The price fixture of Kia sodena starts from the $30 thousands. Two things that reducing the market competiveness are the cargo space and the fuel economy in not up to the mark as other major vehicle manufacturer achieved.

Display provided in the vehicle is of 7inches, the slide-n-stow second row adjustments to increase the capacity for cargo is amazing and unique, 8 settings for the driver seats adjustments, and others such as powerful auto-breaks and alerting system for seat belts and in car false activity with the rear camera security. Although the overall ranking reduced but the Kia sodena 2021 wins a lot of awards by NHTSA and IIHS organizations for the crash testing drives before launching feedbacks. This vehicle gets 5/5 in NHTSA and 5/6 from IIHS, a huge encouragement to the brand owners and manufacturers.

Chrysler Voyager 2021: with beautiful interior display front board and the luxurious seating plan with high comfort level and precious design steering and technological function make this vehicle a superb minivan for household as well as for working purposes but most likely for the daily household purposes. The rating is not good as it might be according to the vehicle capabilities offers to its customer about 7.3 at low price of just 27 thousand dollars. This price is least and affordable for the average earner that wants minivan with goof qualities and specifications.

It is the exchange model replaces with the Dodge Grand Caravan 2020 with better functionalities and modifications such as increases the horsepower capacity up to 287 HP and increase the cylinder size with 3.6 liters V6. It has the nine ways to automate the speed transmission with sound driving. There is seven seating capacity for the passengers with handsome space for legs and head. Loading luggage capability of total 140.5 cubic feet, by stow- n Go feature mentioned above for second row. Only vehicle in above top five explained models that has this and above fixtures with in minimum price, so that’s why the customers love at first with this minivan.