Assisted Living for Senior:

Everyone in this world wants independence and living at their own decisions and moods but at the age when the body condition does not allow you to even stand and you are unable to perform your daily home activities then you look towards the option of assisted living. The need of assistant living increases with the increase in population and the seniors above 85 year ratio is very high among 5 persons one is over 85 years age, this is very alarming situation for the government and opportunity for those who provide the services for assisting seniors can grow for their own betterment ultimately for the high ratio of seniors. The motive of the senior assistance program is to provide the independence living with the full attention care and help of the seniors. In different region, these services name are different under different licenses such as residential care service, personal care etc.

It gives the customized and special care to the old age people according to the physical and mental needs through these assisted living communities providers, along with the physical support it also gives the social services such as traveling and sports gaming with physical fitness tools like yoga and daily routine exercises.  The most important feature that an assisted living service gives to the seniors are the medication and  treatment if needed after the regular intervals in week or month, it also provides the housekeeping, meals preparations, batting and laundry services. The related members of above mentioned service available at the spot every time within different shifts of working.[1]

Eligibility criteria that determine best fit for the services:

The assisted living is design for those individuals who have the will to live long and able to perform daily routine tasks independently. Basically there are two modes of assisted living one is at your own home facility and other is the old people sold their all property and get the place at the assisted living homes where they get all the facilities without any problem and tension of the assets management also the collective community concept urge them to be more active under influence of different personalities and make friends and become more socialist.  Some good characteristics that make you and your loved one eligible for living at the assisted living:

  • If you need any help regarding daily routine activities like bathing, dressing up, getting up from the bed early mornings, any difficulty in walking etc. then this service is for you.
  • If you don’t want to drive more in your life but you fond of travel and going here and there to fulfill your social commitments or either meeting with your doctors then you can avail the assisted living service for driving.
  • If you get bored and feel the house maintaining and cleaning as problematic and against your physical health.
  • If sudden accident is happened with you and you are unable to move due to some injury issues then you would choose the assistance service.
  • You are alone and get depressed due to loneliness, so you can go there for social activities by making more friends.

Different types of caring assistance for seniors:[2]

The communities working under the rules of assisted living providers have different terms and conditions for different type of services according to the level of care the senior needs, some required more care because of health and seniority issues others just want some assistance in their daily routine work.

  • Skilled Nursing care: if someone get ill and experience fatigue and physical weakness that make him unable to even sit or stand then for 24/7 nursing experienced individual should be hired for the duty.
  • Memory Care Community: if someone facing the problem regarding memory loss or Alzheimer’s disease, they will be cared in this department with proper medication and care; this will speed up the recovery and safety of the individuals.
  • Independent Living Community: if the concern individual has fear to lose his independence so they are offer to keep their independence while take the services for some specific categories in which they are not assisted for all time but for some time or hour per day also it provide them the medical alarms option that used when need by connecting them to the immediate service provider at their own premises.
  • Continuing retirement Community: this community is specially designed for the couples and those couples who faced problem in continuous checkups and doctor appointments so to avoid the everyday travel they would choose this community care service providence.

Normal charges to bear for Assist livings:

The assisted living services is  famous help and need in the USA and as indicated by the GENWORTH’S cost study for help living in excess of 800,000 Americans are taking administrations from the help living office homes. The will have to pay cost according to the senior needs that is $4000 each month and $48000 each year and extra expense in range from $2 thousand to $7 thousand if you want extra services that you needed some clinical support and care administration.

Financial assistance for assisted livings:

Medicare is not included in the assistance living services because the assistance livings consider as the basic need fulfillment not the proper medication or treatment therefore the people with less income need some extra funds to fulfill the requirement of medication for themselves while living at assistant living community. Many private firms gives fund to raise the assistant living services and provide more solution in health care sector that should be searched by the families to fulfill the need of hour.

Aid and Attendant advantages:

Under the section of this financial assistance the alone spouses and veterans should be facilitate by some more funds and quality caring on monthly basis. Special aids for these people on average will get $1200 per month to $2200 per month.

Reverse Mortgage loans: this is additional service specially offer to senior in order to assist his or her loved one by selling their home and settled them near one another, once you sell the home you will have to pay the loan with the interest

Find Assisted living close to you:

You can go to the local area public service office and ask them about the assisting living service for                       yourself or simply contact at number (800) 304-8061 for getting data and plan for the helped living inside your pay and cost proportion or reasonableness, you also go to the website online and put the required data and info it will give you all the data of assisted living centers and services.