Cloud Storage:

Cloud storage is also defines as the virtual storage or a mode of service provider that help in saving the data and transmission or storing on temporary or permanent basis. Cloud storage facility now days is compulsory to have if you want to run a firm or business on large scale because it provides you the luxury of diversified benefits with quick and secure data handling abilities. In the information technology market there are so many good and compatible cloud storage providers with unique software that offers plans according to the need of the customers.

Cloud storage software gives services as third party providers using the internet medium to make a deal with the customers; if there were no internet then there is no concept of cloud storage. It is very handsome tool to have if you are a big business firm with so many documentations, files and large number of employs data within different departments. API and the general storage mechanism are two methods available under which the cloud storage performs the required tasks.

Cloud Storage usage methods: [1]

For sake of the cloud storage operations running smoothly, about three major methods are present which are:

  • Public Cloud: it is the common type mostly used by the normal public for daily use such as students, professors, and common professional persons for personal use on getting the subscription against some charges according to the policy. The public cloud payment method reflects the general utility payment as per the usage and services you used in a define time period. This type is highly engaged through the amazon simple storage (S3) other by amazon glacier name services, Google cloud storage and Microsoft Azure.
  • Private Cloud: this cloud room is unique to provide the services co-related with ordinary cloud system but it’s a part of your private network allows you and create instant virtual capacitors in order to raise the space for cloud. You have full command over the cloud storage provider and your private connection to manage and storing the data with better security. Most of the companies which have the confidential information of their customers mostly use the private cloud system for durability and security of the data such as banks and retail manufacturers that uses secret product formulas etc.
  • Hybrid Cloud Storage: as the name suggests the combination of both public and private, that gives option for the customer what they want. Highly reliable data regulation for strong archiving capacity, when sending emails because generally emails do not contain secret of business while for the additional storage both are combined to enhanced the features as well as storage.

Advantages of having Cloud storage:

  • Off-site management: the major role of cloud storage is to manage the data for timely used under categorizations such as the procurement activities, installation processes, administrations work and maintenance according to the priorities it will show the data in-front of you.
  • Quick Implementation: cloud storage is fast and highly capable of data processing and adding values to the storage, you can see the activities and keep your eye on it every day or after some hours it will show the storage data with quick access.
  • Cost-effective: there is no doubt about the pro activeness and how quick it responds, it also very affordable and economical method that encourages the organization to invest less in IT operation rather than the capital investment of saving large amount of physical data record.
  • Scalability: if you talk about the capacity of cloud, it is almost unlimited that never ends even if you store in huge quantity.
  • Business Continuity: it does not damage the continuity of any business if any natural hazards or disasters occurs that destroy the capital of business firms and infrastructure but the cloud storage as it virtual so the business process easily remains smooth because the cloud enables the business to start the operation as quickly as possible without any problem, even use the business premises.


  • Security: No doubt about the advancement of the IT and cloud storage progress but there is always a threat of data stolen by different hackers occasionally so proper checking of the storage and your data is necessary while using data storage.
  • Administrative Control: Again and again data accessing and moving along the cloud to common files that causes the data to be slow delay while shifting from one place to other, it also restricts the control while consuming so much time in aspect of offloading maintenance.

Types of Cloud storage:[2]

There are three main types for the cloud storage such as:

  • File storage
  • Block storage
  • Object storage

File storage: according to the file storage type, the software save the data while arranging the files according to the folder structure and most liking files, different files according to departments and daily routine setup. So it will be easy to direct go and fetch up the file that needed at the time of requirement or meeting without wasting time in searching.

Block storage:  the data collected in bulk quantity and save collectively like a block is known as block storage in the cloud storage language for example the financial assets documents files include different funds, investments and loans file in a combine form look like a bulky material as each department has different protocols so as different block represents different amount and type of data.

Object storage: easy way to store data as an object easy to access and manage rather to look up at different files and searching the folders simply go to object and collect the required information.

Cloud software companies:

As the IT is vast and fast growing industry so as there are so many software providers regarding the cloud storages offering different price rate and the data storage usage options, although cloud data is less expensive but many software providers rate is high due to their high quality facilities and the customer services. Some of the top in the market are as follows:

  • Amazon Cloud drive: data secure through the 28-bit RC4, initial 5GB free then $10, $25 and $100 for 20B, 50GB and 500GB respectively.
  • Apple i-cloud: data encrypted with 128-bit AES, the price of packages starts from $10 to $100 with minimum data storage of 15GB to maximum of 50GB.
  • BITCASA: it provides high data storage up to 5TB on monthly basis arrange in $999 with high security of 264-bit.