Overview of Dental Implants:

Tooth with metal that is screw like is replaced in the root area of mouth where a tooth is missing. These screw like posts are placed in your jawbone, because there a strong base that is provided for the placement of artificial tooth also called crown. Placement of tooth or surgery depends upon factors like the kind of implant you preferring and also on the health of your jawbone.

Dental implants are not natural teeth but artificial mimicking the natural one in your mouth that is implanted in the jawbone. After aging of teeth or adult teeth people need to install dental implants. These dental implants look and feel like natural teeth and act like the natural one, so this is the most authentic thing you can get in replacement of missing or damaged tooth. They preserve your precious smile and overall look of your mouth. These dental implants also help other teeth to keep intact in position in unnatural way. Metal post is fixed in the artificial tooth called crown in dental implants. Millions of Americans face loss of tooth and this is due to decay of tooth, any disease or injury. For this compensation treatment of missing tooth was done by bridges, dentures but now dental implants are the most common option anyone goes for.

Advantages of Dental Implants: (1)

Many advantages are there for dental implants that include:

  • Improved appearance: when you go for dental implant it look and feel like your natural teeth. They are designed to fix with the bone and it permanent, so it improves the overall appearance of your mouth.
  • Improved speech: if the dentures are poorly fitted, your teeth can slip in the mouth and it causes your speech mumble or slurs the word you speak. With dental implant you can speak confidently without any fear of slipping of the teeth as it remain fixed and permanent
  • Improved comfort: discomfort of removing dentures is eliminated with the help of dental implants, as it becomes permanent part of you
  • Easier eating: dentures can be sliding and makes chewing difficult. With the help of dental implants you can chew your favorite food without any fear of sliding or pain.
  • Improved self-esteem: you can have your precious smile back with dental implants and you feel better and confident about yourself.
  • Improved oral health: there is no need of reducing other natural teeth in your mouth in dental implants as it is done in tooth supporting bridge. Your teeth are intact and support of other teeth is required in dental implants. It improves the overall oral health for long term. When individual implant is done it permits easier support between teeth and oral hygiene is improved.
  • Durability: dental implants are durable and have long life span. If care is given properly they can last for lifetime.
  • Convenience: removable dentures can be removed. But in dental implants inconvenience of removing is eliminated and you don’t become embarrassed in front of others, also you don’t need messy adhesives to keep them in right place.

Success rate of dental implants

Rate of success in dental implants may vary as it depend the location and condition of jaw where implant is to be done. But success rate of dental implants are about 98% when proper care is given and it can last for lifetime.

Why Dental Implants are done?

In dental implants artificial tooth are placed surgically in the jawbone where they serve as the basic root for missing one. Titanium is present in the implant get fixed with the jawbone so implants will not slip or damages your bone as happened in bridgework or dentures. Material of dental implant will not decay your other teeth. General implants are best for you if you:

  • Have missing teeth
  • Have jawbone with growth
  • Have enough bone to protect the implant
  • Or able of bone grafting
  • Have oral healthy tissues
  • Don’t have any health condition that will delay bone healing
  • If you are unable or not willing to wear dentures
  • If you want to improve your speech
  • If you are willing to give several months for the process
  • If you don’t smoke tobacco.

Failure rate of Dental Implants:

In dental implant a metal post is surgically implants in the jawbone for the support of artificial tooth. Dental implant have high rate of success, despite the failure rate is about five to ten percent that may be shortly after implant or may be after years or months.

How much Dental Implants costs? (2)

Various factors like region and the surgeon who is performing the surgery are involved in the cost of dental implants. An estimated cost of single dental implant is $3,000 to $4,000. Cost of surgery for the placement and all components like dental crown are included in this cost.

Procedure of Dental Implants:

It is performed in several steps but it depends on the type of implant you prefer and health of your jawbone. The process of implant needs the jawbone to heal quickly when crown is placed. It should absorb the gum line as the natural tooth. Titanium is used for the process that fuses with the implant in jawbone and remain intact.

During surgery:

Several stages are involved in surgery of dental implants. Here are some steps of surgery:

  1. Damaged tooth is removed if not already removed. So remove it safely from the mouth.
  2. Prepare the jawbone for the surgery that include some steps of bone grafting
  3. When the jawbone is healed, implant is inserted in to the gum line.
  4. Give time to the jawbone to heal again. After that surgeon or dentists will place the piece that has screw to the implant and artificial tooth on place on top and that completes the process of implant.

Process of implant takes several months to heal and prepare for the last installation for the implant. Dental implant will not work if the jawbone is not strong. So healing time is very essential for the patient


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