Pickup trucks or pickups are generally known as light trucks that have open cargo at the back with low sides. In the beginning, pick-up trucks were designed according to the needs of the people like carrying cargo and more. However, now pickup trucks are more advanced, with luxurious features. Today the market is filled with pickup trucks with best features in terms of carrying small cargo, design, interior, speed and beauty.

Top of the list pickup trucks

Some examples of top pickup trucks are:

  • Ford F150.
  • Ram 1500.
  • Chevrolet Silverado 1500.
  • GMC Sierra 1500.
  • Toyota tundra.
  • Nissan titan.

Reviews and features of different pickup trucks

Toyota Tundra

Since 2007 Toyota tundra designs are basically the same yet they updated some of its component with. The design is marvelous from the front and the back. It has Apple play, USB port, Bluetooth contact screen, and android autoplay as well. Generally, the engine is V6 and it passes on the power of 300 and 81 force. The cost of this truck is somewhere around 35,270$. The new models of this pickup truck offer the two-point-five inches’ inward diversion shocks with their lighter weight.

GMC Sierra

GMC sierra is one of the best pickup trucks with 5 different types of engine responsible for its smooth and efficient drive. GMC Sierra has launched three models known as Sierra SLE, Elevation and SLT, second one being Sierra AT4 and Sierra Denali. The first one has more towing power than the latter two models. The prices and features of all three models vary slightly in some regards. The price range is in between 40-70k $ depending on how customized you want your truck to be. Sierra SLE, Elevation and SLT gives the maximum mileage within city and on highway i.e. 20/23 as compared to other two models which give 16/21 and 17/23 within city and on highway. Sierra is equipped with 5-engines, 3-different transmission options and two different types of drive options i.e. all wheels or rear wheels drive. These features collectively make it an amazing pickup truck to buy. The front cabin is spacious and practical, with heated and ventilated seats.[1]

RAM 1500

The Ram 1500 is known as the ruler of the mountain considering their unprecedented drive and control in the mountains where there is little to no concept of roads and have various obstacles. For their phenomenal design, spaciousness, large cabin and drive it gets the honor of being one of the best full-size pickup truck. It comes in 7 different trims named as: long horn, big horn, laramie, limited, rebel and tradesman. Their latest trim is named as TRX and it is being introduced in the current year 2021.

The engine of a RAM 1500 is V6 which is a powerful diesel engine. The towing capacity is also very amazing i.e. 12750. The cost of this truck is between 30,140$. The unique suspension system of this truck gives it an edge in the mountains making the drive smooth and comfortable. If you combine the fuel it consumes with the towing capacity it provides, this truck is one of the best available in the market. The interior is kind of dull but it will still attract many enthusiasts. On the other hand, not, all common drive assist features are available in lower trims. Therefore, this might be counted as a con to this truck.

Ford F-150

The other top-notch pickup truck is Ford F 150. The ford F-150 comes with 5 different types of V6 and V8 engines with different horsepower. If this isn’t already enough you can pair this with 10 speed automatic option and a hybrid power train as well. Another important feature for the customers to choose from is either rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. The towing capacity of different models of Ford F-150 range from 8200 to 14000 pounds depending on the type of engine you choose. However, the capacity of payload varies between 1840 and 3250. The fuel efficiency of 25 within city and 26 on the highway can also be achieved given that you chose the hybrid engine.

Furthermore, the interior is equipped with spacious and deluxe storage cabins. The front seat can be folded flat to allow the driver to sleep on it. The desk can be used as a working space as well. All these new features in the latest F-150 model were provided to compete with the mountain king RAM 1500. Latest Bang and Olufsen sound system, options of Android Autoplay and Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth connectivity, 8-inch display which can be changed into 12-inch display as well and similar luxurious features makes it an awesome friend and family car as well.

Out of all these trucks some are truly prominent for their advanced features. Now-a-days, even if a customer is going for a pickup truck instead of a luxury family sedan, they wish to have all the luxury features of a car and a truck in one option. These modern trucks might help them in this regard.

  • Ram 1500 limited.
  • Ford F 150 limited.
  • Jeep champion overland.
  • Hnda Ridgeline RTL – E.

These luxurious trucks come with heated and ventilated front seats. In the warm environment or when the vehicle is left under the shade, the seat becomes too hot to to even think about sitting on, similarly, at night seats might become too cold to sit on, therefore, this feature might help in keeping up the temperature in the vehicle.

The comfortable seats of these pickup trucks are so relaxing to provide the pleasure of family outing on another other level. These pickup trucks are by and large surrounded by the different view cameras to guarantee there is no chance of accidents. The interior is especially designed to make it comfortable for the workers to work on (can change into a working space), for the families to enjoy the trip, and for the friends to enjoy a road trip. These pickup trucks have all the security features to guarantee the safety of your friends and family. These all are the lavish features of the pickup trucks that make them more luxurious and appealing.[2]


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