Associate degree is post-secondary degree of two years. Students who study this degree have to completer two years in full-time study program. In part time this degree can take about 2.5 to 6 years to complete this. In United States and Canada this two year program study is equivalent to four year study program.

For explicit understudies, an assistant’s degree offers to need to a drawn-out affirmation, while for others it’s a capacity in its own right, assisting with improving business possibilities wandered from just having finished an optional level getting ready.

There are heaps of likely motivations to pick an assistant’s degree. You may need to enter the work environment significantly more rapidly and cost-sensibly. Or then again you may need to inspect a whole long haul endorsement at any rate not have satisfactory evaluations, or like paying lower informative costs a few years before moving.

In actuality, perhaps the most un-complex method to pick whether you should leave on an assistant’s degree is to consider the job you need to get into and to apply for the degree that will best set you up for that position. It may even be useful to check present workplace postings in the country you need to work in and investigating the limits and limits commonly well known among your objective directors.

Cost of associate degrees

An astonishing statistic is that at the current time, more students than ever are in college and the number is thought to be around 20 million. [i] They are paying more than ever and it is very hard on the students who want to pursue their studies. There are 2 methods by which you can pay:

  1. Pay per credit method
  2. Pay per semester method

You end up getting a better deal if you pay per semester. Average cost of tuition for associate degree rounds up to around $3600 per year. In the case of private colleges, the amount is even higher and is expected to be around $14,588.

Why go for associate degrees?

These days, students are highly concerned about their student loans. Thousands of students are quitting their study careers due to a lack of affordability. Associate degrees are a perfect fit for such students. They can earn high paying associate degrees without even applying for student loans. Best associate degrees provide them thousands of employment opportunities. It requires only two years, so it is the best choice for those who are facing other earning responsibilities as well. They can easily pursue their study along with their work.

Salaries for associate degree

Salaries for the associate degree holders vary greatly depending upon a lot of factors. These factors might include something like the area you are about to find a job in, the demand of the skill in your hand at current time and more. Moreover, your personal knowledge and personality also play a huge role in getting you a higher salary than the rest of the crowd. Here’s a rough idea of how much you can earn with an associate degree:

  1. Radiation therapist

Early career salary is $48700

  1. Nuclear medicine technologist

Early career salary is $53,320

  1. Dental hygienist

Early career salary is $60,200

  1. Registered nurse

Early career salary is $46000

  1. Web developer

Early career salary is $40000

Types of associate degrees


An Associate of Science degree, on the other hand, has a wide scope of professional choices accessible. These projects center more around math and science subjects, which can interpret straightforwardly into passage level work in their particular field. AS degree subjects incorporate nursing, business organization, and criminal justice.

Nursing and healthcare associate of degree jobs include:

  • Physical therapy
  • Cardiovascular technologists and technicians
  • Registered nurses
  • Medical transcriptionists

Business administration associate’s degree jobs include:

  • Administrative assistants
  • Sales managers
  • Accounting and auditing clerks
  • Realtors

The technology and information technology-related jobs that require associate’s degrees include:

  • Computer network support specialists
  • IT systems administrators
  • Database coordinators
  • Web developers

AA degree

These types of degrees are mostly associated with arts and fine arts and such. These fields might include skills such as music, painting, sketching and more expressive arts etc. So, if you think there’s a creative side to you that can amaze the public, this is the sector you should go for. However, given the current trends in the job market, it’s advisable to choose a degree carefully, after reviewing the job prospects in the area you wish to settle. This way, you can make sure that you won’t be left without a job after completing your degree. Sure, there’s a possibility that you might have to do an internship of some sort but this much is required in almost every field.


The conclusion of this guide is that whichever degree you choose, always remember to focus on developing the skills, rather than just passing papers. Sure, you can get good grades by simply tackling the exam and such but this would cause you a lot of problems in the long term. If you study not only to get good grades but also to learn the skills and polish them with time, there’s no denying that the future would be bright. Lastly, it could be an overwhelming decision to choose a degree and go with it for years to come. However, discussing with your peers and friends could also give you a bright idea that you might be missing on.